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Glass E



100 X

Faster in Operational Speed

14 Hrs

Battery Life

Actionable patients' insights with
Augmented Reality.

We have completely reinvented
how Paramedics can life-save emergency patients, with speed and essential information in mind.

Eye-Tracking User Interface

WIth a hands-free interaction in-built in our device, Paramedics will be able to be more efficient than ever. The combination of eye-tracking and our heads-up display will tremendously reduce time required for communication in comparison with traditional methods and information can be retrieved effectively as based on the user's line-of-sight.

Patient Visual Search

Retrieving patient's medical information, especially in times of emergencies can be so much easier now. Database will be linked to your country's National Electronic Health Database. All these to give you the information you need to implement the best techniques to save the patient.

AR Telehealth

For better patient outcomes, Emergency & Accidents Specialists and Consultants can be deployed at scale with invention of Augmented Reality Telehealth. Now, Paramedics will be able to ensure second opinions are sought.

Vital Signs Monitoring

Zero time wasted while having vital signs displayed right in front of you.

Medical Metaverse

Relevant Geographical Footnotes are deployed en-route to the patient's location.

Medical Knowledge Transfer

Patient's health statuses will be transferred to the relevant Medical Facility. Medical Logistics and Specialists will be able to treat the patient the moment he reaches.

Technical Specifications


14 Hours


Qualcomm XR1





Front Camera


Eye-tracking Camera

IR Camera + IR LED


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