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Best of the class

With display clarity and augmented reality.
Built on the foundation of our eye-tracking technology.

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Sleek, comfortable & light-weight.

Intelligently designed for your comfort.
Refined for the sophisticated.

We help you see
everyday problems
as everyday solutions.

We seek inventive solutions for everyday struggles. 
It is our belief to create technology that is elegant in design, effortless in use, & humane in foundation. By placing humanity above all, it's our drive to create value for our consumers, our employees, & our world. It is through the benefit of the people that we began our journey.

We bring beauty
to the eyes
of the beholder.

With micro OLED display, glass is not only able to deliver stunning images but also use less power, extending the battery life.

We worked hard to pack massive performance into a little package – a whopping 600 x 400 resolution size into a 28 x 13mm display. 20 ° field of field to balance comfort and span, designed with your best interests in mind.

OLED Display with 20° Field-of-View. The highest clarity in any glasses optical system.

powered by

Qualcomm XR 1

With support for


It's all in the eye of the beholder

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Vast potential
supported by
tremendous capabilities.

Vast potential
supported by
tremendous capabilities.

We have just about everything you need.

From facial recognition, to notifications. We have it all.

Learn How We Keep You Safe

Eye Safety

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Learn How We Keep You Safe

The Privacy Manifesto

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Technical Specifications


18 Hours


Qualcomm XR1





Front Camera


Eye-tracking Camera

IR Camera + IR LED

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