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Moon’s Privacy Policy

Moon’s Privacy Policy is designed with the utmost transparency in our data practices. By strictly aligning with the Center for Humane Technology, more notably the makers of the popular non-fiction film - The Social Dilemma, we created our policies to protect your privacy to the highest level possible.

We do not view privacy as a means to conduct a company. It is, and always will be, a necessary fundamental right for all. Refer to each section to understand how we collect, use, share and safeguard your information in order to offer you the best Augmented Reality Experience imaginable.
What is Privacy at Moon?
Your Privacy Rights
Data Collected from you
Personal Data Collected from third-party sources
How do we use your data?
How do we share your data if required?
Our Security Infrastructure
Ask Moon Anything (AMA)

Last updated: 10th August 2021

*Policy written under the guidance of Center of Humane Technology.